Journal acquisitions

Wichtig Publishing has launched several new titles and has developed the necessary expertise to face this type of challenging project. We believe that new journals provide the necessary vehicle for emerging research and niche therapeutic areas.

We are always interested in considering proposals for new titles. Should you have an interesting proposal to launch a new title, or are interested in divesting your proprietary titles please address your enquiry to

When contacting us to suggest a new title, please provide as much as possible of the following information:

◊  Rationale for the suggested new title, its subject field and current and expected development

◊  Aims and scope of the title

◊  Potential Editor, Editorial Board, and its structure

◊  Type of content the title could publish

◊  Overview of the competitive landscape

◊  Expected audience and geographical spread

◊  What is the size of the overall market in terms of actual numbers of individuals and in terms of actual numbers of institutions

◊  Possible options for funding

By providing the necessary strategic information above will enable us to evaluate your proposal promptly.

Any approaches to Wichtig Publishing regarding new titles will be dealt with confidentially.