Wichtig publishes journals in the fields of clinical medicine and bioengineering. Specializing in areas such as nephrology, oncology, ophthalmology, orthopedics, gynecology, urology, and biomaterials. These publications play an active and important role in advancing critical research and facilitating collaboration throughout the world of academia.

  • The International Journal of Artificial Organs

    Editor in Chief:
    Andrea Remuzzi

  • European Journal of Ophthalmology

    Editor in Chief:
    Rosario Brancato

  • Hip International

    Editors in Chief:
    Richard P. Baker
    Theofilos S. Karachalios

  • The Journal of Vascular Access

    Coordinating Editor:
    Maurizio Gallieni

  • Tumori Journal

    Editor in Chief:
    Ugo Pastorino

  • The International Journal of Biological Markers

    Editor in Chief:
    Massimo Gion

  • Journal of Endometriosis  and Pelvic Pain Disorders

    Editor in Chief:
    Mauricio Abrão

  • Journal of Applied Biomaterials & Functional Materials

    Editor in Chief:
    Alberto Cigada

  • Urologia

    Editor in Chief:
    Pier Francesco Bassi

  • Global and Regional Health Technology Assessment

    Editor in Chief:
    Claudio Jommi

  • Nephrology Reviews

    Editors in Chief:
    Marco Matucci-Cerinic
    Masataka Kuwana

  • Giornale di Tecniche Nefrologiche & Dialitiche

    Director Responsible:
    Marco Lombardi

  • Heart International

    Interim Editor in Chief:
    Giulio Zuanetti

  • Nephrology at Point of Care

    Editor in Chief:
    Antonio Bellasi

  • Medicine Access at Point of Care

    Managing Editor:
    Giulio Zuanetti

  • Ophthalmology at Point of Care

    Editor in Chief:
    Giuseppe Querques

  • Journal of Onconephrology

    Editors in Chief:
    Laura Cosmai
    Vincent Launay-Vacher
    Camillo Porta