Wichtig Oncology

The International Journal of Biological Markers (IJBM) is an international, online only, peer-reviewed Journal, which publishes original research and critical reviews primarily focused on cancer biomarkers.

IJBM targets advanced topics regarding the application of biomarkers in oncology and is dedicated to solid tumors in adult subjects. The clinical scenarios of interests are screening and early diagnosis of cancer, prognostic assessment, prediction of the response to and monitoring of treatment. The journal is interested in the publication of studies aimed at validation of biomarkers for clinical application.

In addition, IJBM focuses on research areas that facilitate translational research on biomarkers, such as knowledge translation, bio-banking, biostatistics and method validation and standardization.

The Journal of Onco-Nephrology (JON), is an international, multi-disciplinary, peer-reviewed publication targeted to clinicians from different specialties interested in Onco-Nephrology, a novel, quickly growing subspecialty dealing with the complex interrelationships existing between kidney and cancer.

The journal will publish high quality, original research articles, review papers, thought-provoking editorials, as well as case reports, with the aim of becoming the leading worldwide reference journal in the field of Onco-Nephrology.

Tumori Journal covers all aspects  of cancer science and clinical practice with a strong focus on prevention, translational medicine and clinically relevant reports. We invite the publication of randomized trials and reports on large, consecutive patient series that investigate the real impact of new techniques, drugs and devices inday-to-day clinical practice.
State-of-the-art reviews that summarize and critically analyze the clinical, economic, and social consequences of cancer are also welcome.